General English

Course details

General English course covers:

  • Reading and understanding different types of English texts
  • Writing clearly and accurately
  • Oral discussion practice and presentation skills
  • Listening to and understanding different varieties of spoken English
  • Speaking clearly and fluently with easily understood pronunciation
  • Communicate effectively in various social settings
  • Using comprehensive grammar and vocabulary to convey meaning well
Business English

We help you develop solid English language ability for business and corporate environment. Our Business English classes are 4- 12 week module and covers interesting business topics such as: marketing, international business and trade, tourism. Upon completing our training the student would be able to:

  • Conduct fluent and easily understood conversations and discussions about business topics.
  • Give and take part in business presentations.
  • Use business vocabulary to express yourself clearly and to understand what you hear and read.
  • Listen easily to different varieties of spoken English.
  • Read and understand a range of business texts,agreements,contracts and memos.
  • Write accurate reports, letters and other kinds of business communication with the right type of style
  • Communicate effectively in business and understand the business protocols of different cultures.
ESP (English for specific purpose)
  • Think analytically and creatively in English for tertiary studies, work situations and social environments.
  • Speak in technical terms, attend seminars and conferences, and take oral exams.
  • Understand and take efficient notes at conferences and lectures, including how to identify different themes and the speaker's point of view.
  • Participate and express ideas in the different situations faced in their various fields of studies, such as Law, IT, Electrical engineering etc…
  • Understand and extract the most important points from technical or vocational books, encyclopaedias, specialist articles and other types of texts.
  • Form well-structured sentences and use effectively skills such as paraphrasing, summarising and formulating appropriate academic sentences.
  • Use key technical vocabulary, both in a specific field environment and in a general academic environment.
This course if offered in the following formats:1. Textbook. Candidates will receive the training material in paper-based format.