End-User Computing is comprised of 7 Modules to an International Standard. The Qualification is Platform and Product independent. A candidate can obtain the qualification in absolutely any product they wish.

Note that syllabus 4 cut-off is end June 2011. Syllabus changes are made to keep up with technology. Ensure that your center is offering Syllabus 5.

The ICDL Core Product consists of the following Modules:
  • Module 1 - Basic Concepts of IT
  • Module 2 - Using a Computer and Managing Files
  • Module 3 - Word Processing
  • Module 4 - Spreadsheets
  • Module 5 - Database
  • Module 6 - Presentation
  • Module 7 - Information and Communication

A candidate can write the above Modules in any order to obtain the full Core Qualification or do any of the modules to obtain a modular certificate. Any four Modules could also produce a "Start" Certificate.

The candidate can do either self-study or training at our centre, thereafter they would need to purchase a skills log book (this is the candidate registration with the ICDL). Testing can then take place at our centre. The Tester stamps the relevant page of the skills log book for the Module passed. When the candidate is ready to receive their Certificate (either 4 or 7 Modules passed), the skills log book is sent to the ICDL for verification that the test results sent in matches what is recorded in the skills log book. The ICDL will then issue the Certificate.

How does it work?

When Candidates register to start the ICDL certification process they purchase a Skills Log Book on which their progress through the seven Tests is recorded. Skills Log Books may be purchased from our Test Centre or directly from the ICDL. Only an approved Test Centre can carry out testing and issue Skills Log Books. Approved Test Centres are approved and monitored by the ICDL Licensee in each country.

How much training is required?

Usually the Candidate will undertake training on each Module of the Syllabus prior to taking the Test, although this is not compulsory. The amount of training will depend on the Candidate’s skills levels, but the average is around 30 hours of training per Module. Some Candidates may feel competent enough in one area to forego training and move onto testing immediately, while others may require full training prior to testing. There are various approved training materials (books and computer based training) available so that a Candidate can learn in their own time.

How long are the Tests?

Each Module is tested separately and each Test lasts 45 minutes. The seven Tests can be attempted in any order and at any time. The ICDL is unique in that it has been designed to be vendor-neutral. This means that the ICDL is not tied to one type of software. It therefore gives Candidates the flexibility and freedom to acquire core IT skills and confidently apply them in any software environment they may be required to use.

This course if offered in the following formats: 1. Textbook. Candidates will receive the training material in paper-based format.