Skill Programmes

ICDL Advanced
ICDL Advanced Specialised Advanced Courses for Word Processing, Databases, Presentations...
End-User Computing is comprised of 7 Modules to an International Standard.
Project Planning
The module aims to suit a broad range of candidates who are planning projects...
Web Editing
Understanding of key web publishing concepts and the core skills required to design, maintain a static website...
Concept of Computer Architecture
Designed for learners who would enjoy the concept in Concept in computer architecture.
Introduction to Networking
Designed for learners who would enjoy the networking environment.
Introduction to System Analysis
This Skills Programme is designed for learners who would enjoy the Introduction to System Analysis.
Database Design and Database Implementation
This programme focuses on the practical aspects of relational database implementation.
Internet and Web Design
This programme focuses on important client-side and some server-side interaction aspects of the Internet.