IATA Travel & Tourism Courses

Airline Cabin Crew Training
Prepare yourself to start your career as an airline cabin crew member.
Airline Customer Service
Prepare yourself to start your career as an airline cabin crew member.
Food and Beverage Server
This course will help you deliver superior dining experiences in challengingly fast-paced environments ...
Foundation in Travel and Tourism
Build your leadership skills and industry knowledge with a combined focus from IATA and Harvard Manage Mentor.
Geography in Travel Planning
Master world geography, itinerary planning, and travel industry codes.
Global Distribution Systems Fares and Ticketing Course - GALILEO
Explore and interpret Global Distribution Systems Fares (GDS) by using mileage system pricing.
Managing the Travel Business
Build management skills in accounting, negotiation, marketing, and product development through IATA.
Serving the Travel Customer
Knowledge of the travel industry and travel products is important but not enough to secure business sustainability...
Tourism Essentials
Employers in tourism and hospitality look for skilled employees with basic occupational knowledge...
Tourism: Next Generation
Learn about the latest trends in tourism and how sustainable tourism is leading the way in all areas of the industry.
Travel and Tourism Consultant
Become a travel consultant specialist by learning approaches to selling travel and tourism.