Web Editing

Key web publishing concepts and the core skills

This module offers candidates the opportunity to acquire an understanding of key web publishing concepts and the core skills required to design, create and maintain a static website, without having to commit time and valuable resources to a professional-level web design programme. Candidates learn a range of web design skills from HTML to cascading style sheets (CSS).

ECDL / ICDL Web Editing certifies that a candidate can:

  • Understand key web concepts and terms
  • Understand the basic principles of HTML and use common HTML mark-up tags to modify the layout of a web page
  • Use a web authoring application to design and format web pages, format text, and work with hyperlinks and tables
  • Recognise and use common web image formats and create forms in a web page
  • Understand and use cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • Prepare web pages for publishing to a web server
This course if offered in the following formats: 1. Textbook. Candidates will receive the training material in paper-based format.